Create The Ripple Effect


Back in 1982, a visionary named Ann Herbert penned a very special phrase: "Practice random kindness & senseless acts of beauty."  From this moment, a subtle movement started, the world began to practice random acts of kindness, people began to "pay it forward" & a ripple effect was created!

Sharing a simple smile, helping someone in need or offering a random act of kindness can and does make a difference in the world!  Thank you for the ripple effect you create thorugh sharing the best of you!  You can only imagine how far the ripples will travel! 

Please contact Crystal to receive a digital copy of 101 Ideas To Create A Ripple Effect and a ripple card or to purchase your own deck of 52 ripple cards to give to others while sharing your random acts of kindness with them. The cards will inspire others to keep the ripple effect going as they share their own random acts of kindness. 

Thank you! 

Crystal Flaman

Social Entrepreneur, 11x Ironman Triathlete & 273km Ultra-marathoner
Creator of The Ripple Effect
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